Sunday, April 10, 2011

A freezer treasure hunt.

Clean Out The Freezer Cassoulet

I'm not going to actually blog about cassoulet again, since I've already mentioned it a few times...the basic recipe I use can be found here. I was amazed, however, at the cassoulet-ready contents I had around...which is why I made it today...and why I had to share : 

Home-Smoked Turkey Leg
a ham hock (I actually have a bunch of these left. And smoked turkey tails. Don't even ask :) )
duck necks
handful of chopped ham from the smokehouse in Canterbury, NH.
4 D'Artangnan chorizos
3 chicken breasts

And, of course, I had plenty of navy beans, chicken stock, vegetables, panko crumbs...

Seriously, I think I need an intervention. Or a second job !!

It was a really, really, REALLY awesome batch of cassoulet though :)

Hope you all had great weekends !!

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  1. lol! That really is an awesome idea and concoction. Although, I think you have much better stuff in your freezer than the average bear!