Monday, March 21, 2011


oh spring, you're such a tease....

Last weekend was so gorgeous, we decided it was time to take the smoker out of winter hibernation and get it on. Unfortunately, it wasn't super warm so we decided to smoke things that weren't going to take all day. First up : smoked shrimp

Smoked shrimp is really absolutely amazing. I love shrimp any way you make it, and I thought I'd had it pretty much any way it could be done. That was before we got a, I think it's one of my very favorite ways. Particularly when accompanied with Cajun Remoulade :

Smoked Shrimp with Cajun Remoulade

The shrimp made the perfect appetizer while we smoked up the main course : chicken and sausages

on the smoker

Side dishes for this one were a huge salad, and beer bread

Not much else to be said for this one...I am SO glad it's time to cook outside again !!

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