Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tasty fishes

Miso salmon, Asian coleslaw, rice...
So this blog is more a funny story about the foodie I've raised - though since it's me, there is actually food involved. The whole idea started because a) sockeye salmon was on sale at Stop + Shop and b) I had some tasty miso glaze in the fridge from my last trip to H Mart. Ahh...H Mart...there will be a whole blog shortly about H Mart, as I'm planning a field trip soon...but I digress.

Marinating the fish for miso glazed salmon takes about two hours, and I was stymied as to how to get this done after work (as the fish was not in residence at the time). Suddenly, light dawned...I have a teenager at home currently doing...nothing. I left him a detailed shopping list (3 items, with a guide to where in the store to find them), my Stop + Shop card, and more than enough money. Or so I thought...

My cell phone rings at work. "Mom, they're out of sockeye". I inquire as to the availability of other types of salmon..."Nope. I don't like the look of it. I'm going to Whole Foods". Mind you, this kid is on a bike, and the Whole Foods is a few miles away. "Up to you", I say.

"Ring a ding ding ding dong..." (yes, his ring is the one from the Geico ad. Don't ask). "Well", he says, "I got the salmon...the only one I liked was the king, and it was expensive but I think it was worth it:. I'll put it in the marinade in a little while". I'm actually cracking up by now, as I ask how much. "$42", he says.

Only my kid would be sent to the store for $15 worth of sockeye and come home with the most gorgeous $42 king salmon fillet you ever saw - via a 5 mile bicycle trip - simply because he wouldn't compromise for inferior fish.

I'm so proud :).

The only recipe I'm giving here isn't even much of a recipe. The miso salmon was just the purchased marinade and that gorgeous, gorgeous fish, and the rice was pretty stock (though we use chicken stock instead of water to make it). The coleslaw is really just a very quick throw-together, I'm embarassed to even give the recipe (more directions, actually) but it's really yummy and goes great with any kind of Asian cooking...so here you go :

Karen's Asian Coleslaw

1 package coleslaw veggies (regular and/or broccoli both work well )
1 bottle ginger dressing (I use Makoto)....1/2 bottle if you're using one of the small bags of coleslaw mix
2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
1 teaspoon sesame seeds.

That's about it...toss and enjoy :)

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